Everything you want to know about Full Moon

During the day full moon, the moon sends a lot of energy to the earth. With its divine rays, this is beautiful to see, but you may not always experience this 'climax' of the lunar cycle as positive. Do you sleep poorly at night and are you irritable and emotional during the day? Chances are that the lunar energy is causing this. What does full moon mean? We'll tell you everything you want to know.

What is Full Moon?

A full moon occurs when the moon is on the opposite side of the earth to the sun. Thirteen full moons appear in a year; about one a month. Each full moon is in a different zodiac sign. This creates a unique energy, which can be given meaning. The energy of the moon pulls on the water on earth (gravity). Humans are mostly made up of water, which also draws our energy. This explains the influence you can notice during the different lunar cycles.

What is the influence of the full moon?

The lunar cycle has a great influence on us. To be able to bounce with the energy of the moon, lunar calendars are important. You can feel the wind at your back as you bounce along with the natural cycle of build-up, growth, full bloom and run-down. 

Living with the lunar cycle

New Moon

Use the energy of the new moon to set new intentions, express wishes and make plans.

Crescent Moon

It is best to take action during the waxing moon. Start that new sport you had planned for yourself, focus on your work or study and maintain your relationships.

Full moon

The light and energy of the full moon is ideal for working on your personal development. Write down what you worry about a lot, but also what makes you happy. Prepare for release.

Waning moon

Waning moon is the ideal time to let go and unlearn bad habits. Take the rest and space to make decisions and make sure you recharge well for the new moon.

Listen to yourself and adjust your rituals to your own biorhythm in combination with the moon energy. Do not only use the times of exuberance, but also of crawling into your comfort zone. By gaining more insight into the influence of the different moon phases on your life, you can move with the moon energy. This way you experience your life more intensely and richly.

Restless with full moon

We have a biological clock, based on the rising and setting of the sun. We sleep and eat at fixed times. A full moon makes the night a lot brighter than we're used to, making us out of balance touch. In addition, the energy of the gravitational relationship between the moon and earth has an effect on our sleep patterns and emotions. On average, people sleep shorter during the full moon, take longer to fall asleep and have a shorter phase of deep sleep.

During the full moon, the energy of the moon amplifies everything: our emotions, thoughts and situations. This energy opens our chakras, the main energy centers in our body. So your negative thoughts, such as anxiety and depression, come to light better around these days. Positive thoughts and emotions are also enhanced by full moon energy. You may feel the need to create, clean up, or do things you've been putting off. Around this time, give yourself that final push to reach your goals.

If you feel a strong connection with your loved ones around the full moon, it's a good idea to reach out. Your outgoing love will be strengthened by the energy of the moon. This is extra welcome if the other person is overwhelmed by changing emotions around this time.

Dreaming during full moon

During the full moon, new events await. There is a good chance that one of your wishes will come true around this time. Some wishes take a lot of time. It may therefore also be that in the period around the full moon you get strong indications that you are on the right track. You will dream more often and more intensely. Find out for yourself what emotions come up during these dreams. Do you feel encouraged? A positive attitude strengthens during this time. So think about what you can do best to make your wishes come true, but in the meantime be happy with what you have so far.

What does full moon mean spiritually?

In addition to the full moon having a considerable mental and physical influence on us, there is also a spiritual significance. As seen with the lunar calendar, we can think of the moon in terms of the Chinese philosophical concept of yin-yang. During new moon there is a lot of feminine energy yin (dark, cold, tenacious and receptive). This energy symbolizes the night and gradually decreases during the waxing moon, while masculine energy yang (light, warm, mobile, purposeful) then increases. The full moon is all about yang energy (the energy of the sun) and is the 'all or nothing phase'. The yang energy decreases with waning moon and gives way to new yin energy. After this, the cycle repeats and the energies of the moon become more and more yin; as changeable as our lives. You can feel the effect of the shifting lunar energy mainly in these areas:

  • Emotions
  • Power supply
  • Instincts
  • Needs
  • Hormones
  • The subconscious
  • Past
  • The home situation
  • Motherhood

The yin energy pulls hardest on the water on earth during the full moon. Since you are mostly made up of water, you will feel heightened emotions around this time. Your natural instincts are stimulated more, such as maternal love or, for example, fear of heights. Everything that 'already was' is amplified. Your body also absorbs the most nutrients around the full moon, because medicinal herbs and plants now have the most power.

As soon as you align your life with the lunar cycles, you begin to connect with the cosmos and with nature. In the twenty-first century, we tend to detach ourselves from that, but you will find that connection with the moon brings you good luck.

Release with full moon

The moon is astrologically associated with feelings. Where new moon is an excellent opportunity to make wishes and manifest dreams, full moon passes reach a peak and 'let go' of the old. This can be the release of negative energies or events due to annoyance. It's also about letting go of negative patterns you've gotten into, such as harmful thoughts and habits. In fact, we are forced to deal with our 'junk'. The bright light of a full moon shines on our own darkness: the parts of ourselves we'd rather not see. This is why some people are confused around the full moon.

Letting go ensures that not only our mind, but also our body can completely relax. Walk to a room with a window that lets the light of the full moon shine through or where you feel most relaxed. Burn candles or incense if you like. Next, grab a pillow, sit in a lotus position and close your eyes. Concentrate on your heart chakra and inhale deeply for 5 seconds and exhale deeply for 5 seconds. If a thought passes by with a negative charge, name it in your head. Then say "let go" and imagine the thought drifting away. Repeat this until no more negative thoughts pass by and you are completely relaxed.

What should you do with a full moon?

The emotions that come to the surface during the full moon need a way out. When you have released insecure or unresolved feelings about a situation or person, you can open your heart again and have room for gratitude. Most people adjust their lives to the cycle of the moon only when they are in trouble. That's okay, but it's important to understand that each moon phase is appropriate for a purpose in your life. The more you tune in to the moon, the easier your life will be. The full moon is the ideal time to work on your inner self. Think of self-reflection, healing, removing blockages and letting go of the past: all things we should do regularly. You can use the full moon to work on:

  • Negative emotions
  • Fears
  • Annoyance
  • Quarrels
  • Disappointments
  • Intense events

Forgive yourself and others at full moon

To work on ourselves, we must first be able to forgive ourselves and others. Sounds difficult? It doesn't have to be. Imagine that some people are on earth to help you grow as a person. That person has to do things to make your path more difficult, but which are necessary for your development. So look for the lesson when someone pushes or annoys you. Think of it as a preconceived plan to get further than where you are now. Resentment isn't going to help you in this kind of situation; it leads to bitterness and is poisonous. As Buddha once said: “To hold on to anger is to drink poison and expect the other person to die.”

Look back over the past month and become aware of someone or something that has hurt you. Then use this time not for criticism, but for forgiveness. When you forgive a situation or person, you release your karma. By doing that you leave the situation (detox) and give space for new opportunities in your life. The purer you are during the full moon, the better you will be able to sow in two weeks time during the new moon. The best time for forgiveness is the night before the full moon. It's good to realize that forgiving someone for what they did doesn't mean you approve of that same behavior. It means you've dealt with it and can move forward. You can then forget about it, but you don't have to.

Source: Inspirerendleven.nl


  • Sandra Kalb

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  • Sandra Kalb

    Dat doe ik dit wil ik zelf los laten en meer kracht

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