speenkoord met naam veiligheid

Our products are tested and certified according to European guidelines and the Dutch Commodities Act. The pacifier cords meet the European safety standards NEN12586*, the teethers / carriage tensioners have CE marking and toy quality mark EN71. They may therefore be sold on the European market to you as a consumer. Each product is manually tested and measured before it is shipped.

- Tested and certified 
mark EN71 teeth toys.
- Check the baby sister teether before and after use for loose parts, wear and cracks (in the wood).
- If the parts become looser from each other, the teether should no longer be used.
- Do not leave your child alone with a teether.
- Cleaning can simply be done under the tap or with a snout polisher.
- The wooden beads and rings are made of untreated beech wood. The Silicone beads are 100% safe and are BPA-free, PVC-free, Lead-free and Phthalate-free.


- Tested and made in accordance with European legislation NEN standard 
- A baby sister pacifier clip is not a toy.
- Check the baby sister pacifier clip before each use.
- Avoid choking hazard, never leave your baby alone with a pacifier clip & always supervises. Never put your child in a bed or playpen with a pacifier cord.
- When the parts become looser from each other, the pacifier cord should no longer be used.
- Is not intended to be bitten.
- Do not clean the pacifier cord under the tap, but with a baby wipe or cleansing wipe. The clip of the pacifier cord is not resistant to (a lot of) use of water. The pacifier cord can lose its strength or break sooner.
- The use of a pacifier clip is at your own responsibility. We are not liable for any damage caused by the use of a pacifier cord.

What do you pay attention to when purchasing a pacifier clip?
There are guidelines which a proper pacifier clip must meet  The requirements a pacifier clip must meet are described in *NEN – standard 12586. Nen – standard 12586 specifies the requirements for all articles for infants and young children – Pacifier Holders – Safety requirements and test methods.

NEN – standard 12586 says the following about pacifier cords:
- A pacifier cord may have a maximum length of 25 cm, without a clip the pacifier cord may be 22 cm.
- The cord must be at least 2mm wide, due to firmness.

- A pacifier clip must have ventilation holes and these holes must be 4mm.

Pass these safety instructions on to friends, acquaintances, family and to addresses where you leave your child, such as a childcare, preschool or host family.


- Tested and certified 
mark EN71 
- A baby sister pram tensioner is not a toy.
- Check the stroller tensioner before each use.
- Avoid risk of suffocation, never leave your baby alone with a stroller tensioner & always supervise.
- Remove the baby sister pram tensioner as soon as your child  can crawl on his hands and knees/feet.

- Pushchair tensioners should only be used under supervision and should be checked for damage and wear before each use< br>

We recommend that you do not leave your child alone with Babyzus products, but always under the supervision of a parent or guardian. They are handmade products, made of small beads that can cause choking. Of course, the products are extensively tested before shipment.Babyzus is not liable for any accidents that occur when using our products. Therefore, check the product before and after use for loose parts, wear and cracks (in the wood).


Babyzus cannot be held responsible for accidents related to the use of our products. As a parent/guardian, you are responsible for the safety of your child. Never leave your baby alone with our products. Use is entirely at your own risk.

The responsibility for observing and adhering to the safety regulations rests with the end user(s). By agreeing to the general terms and conditions, it is confirmed that these regulations have been taken care of. These are also included with each product, so that even when you give it as a gift, the parents are aware of the safety regulations.