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3 products

3 products

You can buy a special bracelet with a name in the Babyzus webshop, among others. We have various types of bracelets in our range, such as a gemstone bracelet that you can order with your name in it. You can choose from a satin bracelet with the name of yourself or your loved ones on it or you can opt for a gemstone bracelet. Would you rather buy a bracelet with gemstones without a name on it? Even then you can contact us.

Buy a bracelet with name or initials as a gift

If you are going to buy a bracelet with name or with initials in our webshop, you can personalize the bracelet yourself. Do you opt for a satin bracelet? Then, in addition to passing on the name, it is also possible to choose the color of the letter beads and the color of the satin cord. Would you rather go for a gemstone bracelet with name? Even then you determine the color of the letter beads yourself and you choose whether you want to place a gemstone between the letters. Do you opt for a gemstone bracelet with name? Then you have the choice of a moonstone or tiger eye bracelet. Are you unsure which of the two bracelets suits you best? Then think about the properties of the gemstones and choose the one that appeals to you the most. We also have special sets with gemstones for pregnant women. The properties of these gemstones are good for pregnancy.

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A gemstone bracelet or a satin bracelet with your child's name is a beautiful gift for Father's Day or Mother's Day. Surprise a loved one with this piece of jewelry or buy it for yourself. We even sell children's jewelry. If you order your bracelet or other baby accessories today, they will be shipped within one to three business days. Contact us by sending an email to or send a WhatsApp message to 0616070715.