Choosing a baby name: 10 tips!

How do you choose the name of your child? Part 2 ​

The possibilities are endless, as are all the name lists and name apps you have today. Are you unsure about a few names? Then read the tips below!

10 tips for choosing a baby name

  1. A name is not just for now. The name should also be fun for an adult woman or man.
  2. Say first name and last name out loud several times a day to test the sound and rhythm of the combination. Tip from Flip; a short last name is nice with a long first name and vice versa!
  3. Note the initials. Point 1: it is difficult if several family members have the same initials. My husband's parents hadn't paid much attention to that, haha. Both an M and only 1 name, quite difficult with mail. Point 2: Also pay attention to the series that arises: there are really people with the initials N.S.B. or S.O.A.
  4. Did you come up with a name yourself or a variant of an existing name? Super original, but check if it doesn't have a crazy meaning in another language.....  
  5. How could the name be abbreviated? Some people like it, others don't. If you think Rosanne is very beautiful, but Roos doesn't, then you should think about whether this is going to be it. It will undoubtedly be abbreviated!
  6. Check the meaning. Does this suit your family?
  7. Originality is also something that many parents find important these days. But don't make it too difficult. Not fun for the child to have to spell his name all the time or that others can't pronounce it.
  8. Is your name Jansen or Smit? Perhaps it would be more convenient to choose a less common first name.
  9. For a beautiful sound harmony, the first name should not end with the same sound as the last name.
  10. You must both like the name somewhat. The name will last a lifetime. Love for a name can grow, but you have to have a first click with a name!

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