Gemstones bracelet meanings

Gemstones in alphabetical order

Radiates peace and pure tranquility. It provides a lighter head, both in fewer headaches and fewer thoughts. Has a purifying and protective effect. This stone will sort out your feelings and help you with emotions, traumas and special moments. Amethyst ensures a good night's sleep. Helps fall asleep and stay asleep. And reduced nightmares. Choose an amethyst bracelet.


The Baltic amber is fossil resin, originating from coniferous trees from the Scandinavian area, about 44 million years old. Amber, contrary to what the name suggests, is petrified resin and not a stone. It is light and not cold and feels nice on the skin. Amber converts negative energy into positive energy and makes you happy. Amber has a cleansing and protective effect. The powerful but gentle energy of this stone brings balance to the (energy) body and helps reduce negative emotions and emotional and physical pain. It makes cheerful, stable and resilient and gives self-confidence. Choose an amber bracelet

Blue chalcedony

Blue chalcedony has a calming effect and gives peace in stressful situations. It absorbs negative energy and helps to articulate things better. Creates self-awareness and self-confidence. Helps to become stronger communicatively and to listen better. This beautiful stone strengthens the maternal feeling, promotes a healthy pregnancy and stimulates milk production when breastfeeding. Choose a blue chalcedony bracelet.

This stone represents positivity. Gives motivation to manifest your dreams and attracts personal success. Is helpful and makes assertive. In addition, this stone supports vitality and fertility. Has a positive effect on the female genitals and helps with sexual discomfort. Choose a carnelian bracelet.

Golden triangle
rose quartz; This gemstone represents Love. It gives extra strength to relationships between lovers & the love for yourself.
Amethyst; This gemstone has a purifying and protective effect. Radiates peace & pure tranquility, dispels negativity. Helps fall asleep (and stay asleep) & reduces nightmares.
rock crystal; This gemstone makes willpower & gives courage. This translucent mineral can be penetrated by light & converts negative energy into positive energy. Choose a gold triangle bracelet.


Labradorite protects your own energy field (aura) against negative influences from the environment and people who take energy away from you. The stone reduces fear and gives strength, (self) confidence and perseverance. Stimulates imagination and creativity and helps to develop ideas. Choose a labradorite bracelet


The moonstone has a strong connection with the moon and feminine energy. The stone promotes intuition and fertility and has a calming effect on the emotional life. The stone also has a strong effect on sleep and dreams. Helps with insomnia and helps to remember dreams better. It is a good stone for women who are pregnant or want to become pregnant and supports pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. The moonstone can also be useful for (pre) menstrual complaints and during the transition. Moonstone brings your hormonal cycles back into balance with nature. Choose a moonstone bracelet.

Moss agate
Has a stabilizing & grounding effect. Is very suitable to carry with you to support the recovery after illness / childbirth and it helps you to relax after an intense period with a lot of emotional turmoil. It shows you the core and what is really important around you and within yourself. It is the stone that stands for a new beginning, a new life. Moss agate also symbolizes 'rest'. It strengthens your connection with nature and the earth. Choose a moss agate bracelet.

Red Jasper
Strength is the right word for this red gemstone. Gives strength, courage, protection and grounding. It makes combative, decisive, persistent, determined and helps you go for something 100%. This gemstone gives you the courage to stand up for yourself. The stone has a warming effect and provides the body with energy. It promotes willpower and perseverance. Choose a red jasper bracelet

rose quartz
This gemstone represents Love. Rose quartz gives extra strength to relationships between loved ones and the love for yourself. It helps open you up to give and receive love. It gives emotional balance during changes. Rose quartz has a mild, gentle effect and has a calming effect on grief and trauma and promotes empathy, openness and helpfulness. Stimulation for sensuality. Choose a rose quartz bracelet.

Tiger eye
Has a protective effect, brings harmony and balance. It attracts luck, prosperity and success. It strengthens (self) confidence, self-insight, courage, perseverance, decisiveness, optimism and a sense of self-worth. Tiger's eye is supportive of fears, phobias, nightmares and overstimulation. Choose a tiger eye bracelet.

White agate
White Agate is a balanced and protective gemstone. It promotes inner peace and ensures a calm and sober attitude. Agate encourages self-reflection and gives you the strength to take a step back and look at everything more objectively. It is also a good stone to wear during pregnancy. The stone stimulates the growth of the fetus and has a beneficial effect on the uterus. Helps against nausea and stimulates milk production during breastfeeding. Choose a white agate bracelet.

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