The nicest and original names with 4 letters!

The nicest and original names with 4 letters!

Have you ever noticed that we always use names with 4 letters for our pacifier cord collection? When this list was published by 'Parents van Nu', we couldn't resist taking a look right away. Ennn.. Instantly in love, what beautiful names there are. We have made most of them before, but they are not very common like Noah, Fien & Mees.

Are you still looking for name inspiration? Check the lists below!

Boys names four letters

  1. Seph
    This English name has a special meaning: 'God provides and makes better'.
  2. Kyan
    This tough name has Irish roots. For some parents this name will be extra fitting: it means 'long awaited child'.
  3. Fabe
    Fabe can be pronounced in English or traditional Dutch.
  4. Hadi
    Do you love Arabic names? Hadi means 'leads to the light'.
  5. Elay
    Elay is mainly given to boys in the Netherlands, but in England and France it is mainly a girl's name.
  6. Loïc
    If you have a soft spot for French names, Loïc might just be the name for you. It means 'famous warrior'.
  7. Noan
    This name means 'peace' and 'comfort'.
  8. Qino
    The name Qino is, as far as we know, only given to Dutch boys. So unique abroad!
  9. Roël
    With Roël you have a superstar in the making. The meaning is 'famous in the land'.
  10. Zias
    This boy's name is not well known in our country yet, but our southern neighbors love this name.

Girl names four letters

  1. Ayra
    In most countries Ayra is a girl name, but in some countries boys are also given this name.
  2. Nowi
    Abroad you don't have to worry about another Nowi walking around: as far as we know, this name is only given to Dutch girls.
  3. Sare
    Sare is derived from Sara. It is a Hebrew name meaning 'princess'.
  4. Jula
    Julia has been a popular name for years, but have you ever thought of Jula? This German name means 'the young man'.
  5. Febe
    This name comes from England and means 'bright, shining'.
  6. Onah
    Onah is a strong and tough name meaning 'merciful, graceful'.
  7. Lune
    A Latin name meaning 'moon'.
  8. Resa
    In 2016, according to the latest known figures, only seven Resa's were born. The chance is therefore small that your daughter will be in class with a namesake.
  9. Samé
    It is unknown where this name comes from, but it is mainly given to Dutch girls.
  10. Vive
    Vive is French for 'life': a name with a beautiful meaning, so.

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