The use and cleaning of gemstones

The attraction of the crystals/gems is as old as the world. These beautiful works of art are forged by the elements themselves; they are patches of earth that contain the knowledge and stories of millions of millennia. Crystals/gems can be teachers, friendly guides and sparkling sages that allow you to tune in to your deepest truth, the energy of the world and the people around you.

Which gemstone suits you?
The world of crystals is quite vast and so are the properties of each stone individually. Each crystal gem has different benefits and you may be attracted to a stone for a completely different reason than someone else using the same crystal.
- Go with your gut feeling & experiment with an open mind.
- Find a stone that feels good, put it in the palm of your hand and listen to the feeling the stone gives you.
- How does the color of the stone feel? Do you feel comfortable with this color?
- Crystals come in all kinds of shapes that can affect their energy or how you use them. Choose the shape you are attracted to.

How can you use the gems?
How you handle and benefit from your crystals is very personal . As usually when working with crystals, let your intuition (and your crystals) guide you. Here are a few examples;
An altar gives your intention and desires a physical form. It also gives your crystals a sacred place to work in. You can also use the gemstones in meditation and with physical contact. There are also gemstones that ensure a good night's sleep, so put the gemstone on your bedside table or under the pillow. This also works very well for small children to sleep more peacefully, then place the gemstone under the mattress.

Cleaning and charging gemstones
Gemstones need some attention, you can see it as entering into a new relationship. The more you give them, the more you will feel connected and the more magic you can expect.

Gemstones give off vibrations and energy, which can exhaust them. That's why you need to clean and charge them from time to time. Clean every gem you bring into your home, except when you get a gem from a loved one as a gift.
But when should you charge your gemstone? There is only one answer to this, use your intuition! The gems tell themselves when they need a boost. There are only two exceptions; Do you use gemstones to process intense emotions or ward off electromagnetic waves? Then the gems need a regular boost.
Ways to clean & charge gems
There are several ways to charge your gems. Only you can not use all ways for all gems, do your research on this yourself. We will soon make a new blog with appropriate cleaning methods for the gemstones that we sell.
Different ways:
Salt; Treat crystals with salt.
Smoke; Cleanse the energy of the gems with the smoke of dried herbs or sacred wood.
Water; Place the gemstone in a glass or bowl and let it sit under a running tap for a few minutes.
Rainwater; When it starts to rain, place your gemstones outside on a bowl, then pat dry well. Collecting rainwater and submerging it indoors is of course also possible.
Moonlight; The vibration of the moon is a powerful way to cleanse and recharge your gemstones. The feminine energy of the moon is so soft that you can use this way for any gemstone.Give your gems a moon bath by placing the gemstones in a bowl outside, on a table or on the windowsill at sunset. This method works especially well at full moon and new moon.
Sunlight; Cleaning can also simply be done in the masculine power of sunlight. Place the gems outside or on the windowsill when the sun rises, only remove them when the sun has set again in the evening. NB! This method is not suitable for all gemstones, please check first.
Earth; Charging gemstones in the earth is a nature-friendly method, especially for gemstones with grounding properties. Just put your gems in the garden, under the soil and leave it there overnight.

Source: 'Stones & Crystals' The natural power of 68 stones and crystals.
Lisa Butterworth


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