How do you choose your child's name?

How do you choose your child's name? ​

Some people know from an early age what their baby should be called. Others can't tie the knot until week 40 of pregnancy. We often receive messages from ladies who are looking for a nice name. With us on the Feed of Insta & FB you will find plenty of nice names. We've also created a special 'name inspiration' story among our highlights on Instagram.

How did we choose our boys' names? Thiago, Dex, Rafa & Tido, not names you hear every day. But it's also not so strange that you can't pronounce them. It was clear that we both wanted a unique name, but we did have different ideas for a name. Fortunately, because there is only 3 days between the births of Thiago & Dex. It will happen to you that you had chosen the same name, haha.

'Our' names can therefore not be found in the top 10 boy names. You can read below how we chose the names!

Thiago - Comes from Santiago. Maaike is completely in love with Spain. That is why it was immediately clear that it should be a Spanish name. And then you have sooooooooo much choice, haha. We've scoured a lot of name sites looking for a name. We both made a selection and then just let it sink in for a few weeks. Then we both expressed a first choice. Thiago won with dad, mom chose Luís. Ultimately opted for Thiago Luís, where Thiago has become his nickname, because the feeling of both was just right there!

Dex - Comes from Dexter. As long as Femke has known her boyfriend and daddy of Dex, they have been a fan of the Dexter series for so long. That is why it had been established for them for a long time that if they had a boy, he would be called Dex. Very funny, because when Dex was born, the name was almost never chosen. This is different now! Dex also has a 2nd name Daley, yes, from Daley Blind. Just because it's a nice name and papa is a fan of Ajax, haha.

Rafa - Comes from Rafael. When we, Maaike, went for the 2nd and discovered that it would be a boy again, we had to think about a nice new boy name. Of course it had to be something Spanish again. It had to suit Thiago. Not too crazy or hard to pronounce. Coming up with 2 names in 1.5 years is quite a challenge. Nevertheless, a very nice app was developed in the meantime, Kinder. Tinder, but for baby names. The principle is very handy & actually just like the date app, with all that swiping! If only I could do that, haha. A name that kept coming back was Rafael. But I still thought it was a bit classic or something. Until I watched a Spanish cartoon, Rafa Giraffa, with Thiago. There it was 'Yes, that's the moment!'. Just a bit tougher than Rafael and very unique. So funny, that a name that you kind of came up with yourself then comes in again as an order. So there is still a mini Rafa in NL now! Rafa's full name is Rafael, Miguel as second name. To his daddy called Michael!

Tido - Comes from ??? Femke was also told during the second pregnancy that they would have another boy. And no matter how crazy. This name was found in no time! Coincidentally, a colleague of papa's is called Tiddo & he thought it was such a nice name that it was added to the list. Tido actually became it naturally, by pronouncing it over and over again. This name also turned out to exist! After that, of course, there was still a lot of search, because yes, do you stick with the 1st name or do you still switch. Still, it kept getting stuck, so it had to be this name! Tido's 2nd name is Cody, this name also comes from the series Dexter, for the fans Dexter's stepson in the series, haha.

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We are curious about how you came up with the name.Send us a DM on Insta and Facebook or an email info@babyzusnl . We want to bundle all these reactions, so that all pregnant moms have a nice inspiration blog in their search!


ps. did you know that women regularly switch names? Then we will receive a sweet email or DM asking if it can still be adjusted. Of course haha. Hormones do a lot!


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