Mother's Day gift ideas 2022

Have you thought about Mother's Day yet?

You may be a mother for the first time on Mother's Day. So special! The 'title' mother is not only special for you, but this is also a great moment for grandma to enjoy her 'title' even more.

We have listed the most beautiful Mother's Day gifts. For your own mom or for yourself (pssstt, forward the link to your partner ;-)).

Moonstone bracelet with initial
Nothing better than carrying your mini's name with you wherever you go. A piece of jewelery with a name (or initial) is therefore incredibly popular, we notice. You can now combine this with gemstones. The name of your mini is incorporated into our moonstone bracelet. The moonstone represents feminine energy & helps to recover after giving birth.

Ring with birthstone or breastfeeding
A jewel with the birthstone of your mini or your breastfeeding. A birthstone is a gemstone that symbolizes a month, for example rose quartz (pink - October) or amethyst (purple - February). Breastfeeding can be processed in a ring, so you have a beautiful piece of jewelry with a beautiful memory.

They have existed for millions of years, but are completely up to date. Gems. Each gemstone has its own meaning. Extra special if you get a stone from someone, it has even more love & meaning in it!

Gemstone bracelets
Prefer the gems close by? Then choose a bracelet with meaning from our jewelry collection! Do you choose moonstone, labradorite or red jasper?

All those presents are nice, but breakfast in bed with your own crafts is of course the most special. Oh, mamas, I'm looking forward to that already!

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