Improve night's sleep? 3 gemstones with a positive effect.

It has been researched that almost a quarter of all Dutch people have trouble getting a good night's sleep. The sleep problems manifest themselves in; difficulty falling asleep, not being able to sleep through and waking up early. A nice bed and the right temperature is important, we all know that. But have you investigated again whether gemstones can help with this?

I myself had trouble sleeping through, my children are 4 & 2 years old and I always had a kind of 'waking feeling' at night. Because of this I didn't get into my REM sleep well and every sound woke me up. I really wanted to improve this and since a while I sleep with an Amethyst under my pillow. I believe in it and (yep you'll never guess!) over time I really started sleeping better!

This made me curious about other gemstones that have a positive effect on (night) rest and relaxation. Below I have found three fine gemstones.

1. Amethyst
This purple shining gemstone has been known since the Middle Ages for its medicinal effect on sleep. The energy of amethyst gives peace to the head and releases tensions. This beautiful gemstone has a positive effect on the brain and nervous system. Makes you fall asleep relaxed and it is said that amethyst helps to pass your dreams. Put an amethyst on your bedside table or under your pillow and fall asleep faster. Or does your child sleep restlessly? Place it on a bamboo dish in your child's room (safety first!).

2. Labradorite
This beautiful gray-blue gemstone protects you against other people's (negative) energy & purifies unnecessary external stimuli. If you are sensitive to this, you may also have to deal with this at night. This stone makes you 'let go' of what others think of you and choose it for yourself. Let go of other people's opinions & start from your own feeling. You are special just the way you are and you can be there.

If you look closely at the labradorite you will see different color changes when you move it, see this as a certain image for the possibility to view / illuminate something or a person from different sides. Relate this to yourself, maybe at first you thought something would be impossible, but look at it from a different angle & maybe it will solve any concerns. The less worries, the better you sleep!

3. Rose Quartz
A soft pink gemstone that symbolizes love. Love for yourself, but also for others. You want to do everything in life well with the right intention and preferably not fail. You want to be the perfect mother and not show your insecurity to others. This rose quartz helps you to look at yourself with soft eyes (be kind to yourself!) and to let go / reduce your perfectionism. If you continuously want to meet expectations, expectations of yourself, but also of others, this can affect your night's sleep. Your thoughts keep spinning and it's hard for you to fall asleep. This beautiful pink gemstone helps to soften your heart and support in processing uncertainty / sadness. Allow more love into your life, what are you thankful for, do you feel that feeling of happiness?

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