New Moon (+ spoiler alert)

For us, every new moon really feels like a kickstart for a new moon(d). We create new content, new products & make great plans. Do you also live with the moon?

You've heard us about the moon before. Ever inspired by the power of moonstone on the feminine energy. The moon is very special. The effects have never been scientifically proven, yet many people experience change during the moon phases.

Each moon phase has a unique meaning, the new moon (March 2, 2022) is the most special. Spiritually, a new moon symbolizes new beginnings. Also for mother nature, many seeds are sprouted at the new moon (yes, also those of babies!).

It's the perfect time to start something new!

We visualize our goals & write them down with new moon. It is like intentions, but concrete and in very small steps. So, for example, not I want to lose weight or I want to be successful, but more practical implementation such as this moon no candy & ... grams per week off & I want 1 sale per hour / day / week. This way you can take a new step every new moon (and tick off a success!).

It works great for us. Last month (d) I, Maaike, had the goal to have more 100% time for my sons. Together with son Rafa I now do toddler swimming every week, really fun time together & also with son Thiago we sometimes do something 'different' & that works great for them!

It also works for business. One of the visualizations at the beginning of this year brought a whole new product our way. It totally suits us, our passion & our other accessories. OMY, we can hardly wait. Maarrrr, we can tell / show you more next Thursday! It really is a mega special item with special meaning, completely in love again.

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inspired by blog from @happinez

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