Top 5 maternity gifts we received

Top 5 Maternity Gifts

When we got pregnant in 2017 and were about to give birth, a whole new world opened up for us. The market that sells baby products. Of course super fun to immerse yourself in when you're pregnant, but what a choice! Especially with a first you want to be super well prepared & actually have everything in house for the due date.

And then it's time, the birth of your little one. The most beautiful moment of your life. Hopefully you will land on that pink cloud right away & you can enjoy your family. How nice is it to show the little one to all dear friends & family. Unfortunately, due to Covid19 this is not always possible. All the more fun are the little moments of happiness when the postman returns with (small) presents and attention!

Below is a nice inspirational top 5 with maternity gifts that we really thought were great & might deserve a place on your maternity list:

  1. Gift voucher for the butcher or sushi shop, to spoil yourself with everything you were not allowed to eat during pregnancy!
  2. Car tensioner with name. This stroller accessory is great fun for your little one, but also for you to shine when you go outside for the first time!
  3. Cuddle cloth of hydrophilic or hug with heartbeat. A soft cuddly toy made of hydrophilic material ensures that he/she feels safe. It is of course a mega change from being close to/in mommy, to sleeping in your own bed without sound.
  4. Fill-in book for the first year of Kidooz, for example. They stay small for such a short time, enjoy every moment. That's what you hear everyone say. And only afterwards do you realize that it really is! So capture as much as you can & enjoy again later.
  5. A birth chest. This is a wooden box with, for example, a print of the birth announcement on top. In this I kept the first clothes, first shoes, but also the first lock. I still sometimes put something in it, such as a nice drawing.

Of course there are many more nice gifts. Our webshop is full of them of course! Soon there will probably be more lists, because how about 'useless maternity gifts', haha.


Love Maaike

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