What if.... Safety while playing

What if.... Security

When buying stuff for your (unborn) child, do you pay attention to its safety? I would like to say, YES, we certainly do/did. But unfortunately. It is not always something that you immediately notice when you come across something nice. I didn't do that myself when I was just pregnant with our first. Now I know better... 

Of course you hear it more often in your environment. "Make sure he doesn't put anything in his mouth?" Yes, you don't want to think that your baby will choke on something small or that something else will happen. You don't really think about it, but with many toys things can break off or come loose. There is therefore special legislation around toys for children.

CE marking & EN71 
You have the CE marking and an EN71 quality mark. The CE marking is a statement from the manufacturer that the product is composed in accordance with European directives. It may be sold on the European market. It has not yet been tested for safety! Toys must be tested by an independent party to receive an EN71 certification. The quality mark for toys is EN71, which stands for European Norm and sometimes NEN is made of this, Dutch Norms are made of.

Common sense
Of course it is always possible that, despite the quality mark, something comes loose or breaks. We recently experienced this ourselves. On New Year's Eve we were in the emergency room, because our oldest son of 3 had put something from Playmobil in his nose. Not very handy, but luckily it went off with a sizzle & it was out again with the help of the doctor. Still, it makes you think. You better watch out!

That is why, in addition to the quality mark, it is of course also just a matter of common sense. Check all toys for loose parts and damage before use. You are the best judge of whether it is safe for your child. Read our safety page  to read what you can pay attention to.

We also sell toys. In the form of   teethers. When putting together and making our teethers, we pay extra attention to safety, of course. These are in accordance with European safety standards and have an EN71 quality mark. In addition, we test our teethers manually before we ship them.

Trust us, but also yourself!


Love Maaike


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