This is how you take the most beautiful newborn photos yourself, 10 tips

This is how you make the most beautiful newborn photos yourself, 10 tips

The time has come. Your baby is born! And he/she is so small, little hands, little feet and what a cute nose! You can look at it for hours & you take lots and lots of pictures to hold onto this moment forever. You can have a newborn shoot done by a professional photographer, this is super cool! You can also do it yourself if you like shooting. Or just both, because you have a lot of time with your baby in the first weeks! In this blog we give you 10 tips to take the most beautiful photos!

  1. Check out what you like in terms of photography during your pregnancy. Good preparation is half the job. For example, if you want to use attributes, such as a hat or swaddle, make sure this is at home. You can also scour Instagram and Pinterest for the most beautiful and original examples!
  2. When? The first few days it will of course take some getting used to each other and your new situation. This is also the time when many babies still sleep a lot and, above all, lie still. Tip from our newborn photographer is to do this within 2 weeks!
  3. Be patient. Of course you hope that you have taken the picture asap, but it remains a small baby with a will of its own already. Maybe it will be screaming or he/she will pee your entire setting.
  4. Timing is everything. Make sure your baby is completely satisfied. The perfect time is when the baby has just slept, has a clean diaper and has been fed. It is also useful to make it nice and warm and comfortable in the room where you are going to shoot. Does your baby make no sense? Just try again later, see above.
  5. Assistance is key. Luckily I had my dear sister who came to help with the 2e. All I had to do was get the kids into position & she was able to shoot the perfect shot. Also handy if your baby just decides to give back a wave of milk, haha.
  6. Posing. You should have gained enough inspiration from tip 1. Before you start shooting, think about which poses you want to do. Sometimes it just has to happen quickly.
  7. It's all in the detail. Your baby is so small and delicate, how beautiful is it to capture all these little details. The 10 little toes, the little nose or his/her hand in yours. Also a nice idea, capture your baby next to something bigger, so your baby looks even smaller.
  8. Daylight, daylight, daylight. The best weather is cloudy weather, during the day. This way you are least bothered by crazy shadows and you have the softest light. Of course you're not always in charge, but flashing isn't always beneficial.
  9. Background. Do you go for lifestyle photos in the bedroom or with a wallpapered background? Both have their charm. It is key with both options that it radiates a kind of calm, so that all the focus is on the baby (and not on that screaming wallpaper or dirty diaper in the corner).
  10. A lot, a lot. Make sure to take a lot of photos! Even if you think it doesn't quite work out or is perfect. It is precisely the spontaneous photos that you will find later in the photo albums & bring back the best memories!

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