Design your own teething ring

Looking for a teething ring that you can design yourself? Baby sister makes it possible! A teething ring helps against pain in your baby's teething and it stimulates the grasping function. The teething toys have silicone beads and a wooden ring. These silicone beads are softer than the wood, so they both provide a different pressure on the gums. The teething ring therefore promotes all senses and thus the development of the child. The wooden ring also makes a soft rattling sound. All our teethers are tested and certified in accordance with European guidelines and the Dutch Commodities Act. A teething ring that you can design yourself with us is therefore always beautiful and safe.

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You can easily design a teething ring from home

When designing your teething ring, you decide what your teething ring will look like, so that it is completely to your taste. We think it is very important that you can have your own unique baby accessories made. For example, you choose which colors the teether has for your child and you also decide on the color sequence of the silicone beads. In addition to our teethers, we also have other wooden accessories in our range, such as a baby brush set. In addition, in addition to our own teething rings, you can also buy other environmentally friendly teething toys from the Natruba brand.

Design and order your own teething ring now

Our webshop stands for quality and safety. We make all our products by hand, making them easy to personalize. This way you can match your baby accessories with your baby. For example, you can not only design and order a teether yourself, but also a pacifier cord , carriage tensioner or key ring. Would you like more information about one of our products or would you like to order a special maternity gift? Please contact us by emailing