A cuddle cloth for a pacifier

With a Babyzus cuddle cloth, your baby always has his or her pacifier with him. If you want to buy a pacifier cloth for your baby, be sure to take a look at our webshop. Our cuddle cloths come in different colors and even with a print. Every pacifier cloth that you can buy from us for your baby is made by hand and therefore all cloths are unique.

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Cuddle cloth pacifier

Thanks to a cuddle cloth, your baby will always find his or her pacifier

The pacifier cloth that you can buy from us for your baby is made in the shape of a sweet rabbit . You then attach your baby's pacifier to the ear of the cuddle cloth, so that he or she does not lose it. With the feet of the pacifier cloth that you can buy from us, your baby can enjoy tuttenfrut, just like he or she did with the umbilical cord in the belly. The wipes are made of soft hydrophilic fabric and they are about 45 centimeters long. In addition to a cuddle cloth, there are other ways not to lose your child's pacifier. You can also buy a pacifier cuddly toy in our webshop. This is a bear with a loop on its leg, to which you tie the pacifier. In our range you will also find various pacifier clips that you can personalize. You choose the colors of this cord yourself, so that it fits your child exactly. With the pacifier clip, you can easily attach the cord to your child's clothes.

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Buying a pacifier cloth as a gift for a family that has just had a baby is a good idea. The child will definitely enjoy it. Would you rather buy a gift that also benefits the parents? Then choose a baby brush set , for example. In addition, we sell different gift sets if you can't choose. Do you have questions about a specific product? Please contact us by sending an email to info@babyzus.nl or a WhatsApp message to 0616070715 .