World of Babyzus

Hi! How nice of you to visit this page. This is us, Maaike & Femke, both mothers of 2 boys (Thiago(4), Dex(4), Rafa(2) & Tido(1)). We make all your products with a lot of love & attention. We once started small in 2018, but now we can call ourselves a 'big' in our industry!

How wonderful it is to turn your hobby into your job! We've always been creative (thanks Mom). When we both gave birth to our sons, it started to itch. At that time you only had the most brightly colored pacifier cords. We were looking for something different. Something that you can match with each other. In love with our babies and the pacifier cords, we carefully put them online. This turned out to be a match with all the other (newby) moms! One thing led to another... We have now put together more than 30,000 accessories & made just as many babies happy!

All our products are handmade and can be personalized the way you want. We take into account the color combinations that you choose, but of course also safety. You will soon have a unique gift (to yourself) in your hands!

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