Surprise someone pregnant with gemstones

Do you want to surprise a woman who is pregnant with gemstones that will support her? In the Babyzus webshop you will find various gemstones that support a pregnant woman. Each gemstone has specific properties. The energy that a gemstone radiates is therefore different for every stone.

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Pregnant Gems

Supporting a woman who is pregnant with gemstones

There are several gemstones that can give a woman who is pregnant a 'stone in the back'. For example, the blue chalcedony promotes a healthy pregnancy and strengthens the maternal feeling. A moonstone helps with hormonal imbalance and radiates feminine energy. The red jasper helps with recovery after childbirth and gives the fetus and the mother strength. Moss agate also has a beneficial effect during and just after childbirth. This is also called the midwife stone. In addition to being able to order the above gemstones in a set, some of them are also available as jewelry .

Order gemstones as gifts

Gemstones are a beautiful gift for a woman who is pregnant and draws strength from the energy of these stones. Women who want to become pregnant can also buy gemstones from us. We also sell gemstones that are good for fertility . Would you like more information about the different properties of gemstones? Then we are happy to help you. Ask us your question via . You also have the option to send a WhatsApp message to 0616070715 .