Baby cuddle cloth rabbit

A cuddly blanket in the shape of a rabbit for your baby

Your baby can snuggle with our cuddly toy in the shape of a rabbit. Babyzus sells cuddle cloths in various colors. You can choose from the colors blush, sand and army green. Our rabbit-shaped cuddle cloth is made of hydrophilic fabric, which makes it suitable for a baby. Each bunny is about 45 centimeters long and is made by hand. This makes every cuddle cloth unique and meets European safety standards. In addition, the cuddle cloth can be washed by hand or at a low temperature in the washing machine.

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Buy your baby a cuddle cloth in the shape of a rabbit

Your child will sleep soundly with a cuddle cloth in the shape of a rabbit. Your baby can fiddle with the feet of the cloth and it is also light and soft. It is also possible to attach a pacifier to the ear of the cuddle cloth. This way your baby won't lose the pacifier, just like with the pacifier hug that we sell. A cuddly toy from Babyzus is therefore functional as well as soft and sweet. If you prefer a pacifier clip with a clip to keep track of your baby's pacifier, you are guaranteed to succeed in our webshop. In our webshop you can choose from various pacifier clips, where it is even possible to design and personalize it yourself.

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